Maker Kit Information and Tutorials

Welcome to a page with quick links that will support your exploration of the RES maker kit.  These tutorials were made with help from my kids (Thanks Ryan, Ben and Cali!) and are intended to help get you started if you are stuck!  I encourage you to experiment, design and create using your own imagination---think beyond these ideas-- but feel free to use them to get you started!

Don't forget to share your creations! You can share by commenting with pictures and words in this post, by showing your designs to friends or bringing them to school! If you are still stuck, even after using these resources, feel free to email me at

Thanks so much for supporting enriching activities at RES by purchasing these kits.  Happy MAKING!!!

Welcome to your maker kit!

Open it Up and Make a Plan!

Circuit Basics
(this is a link from a good you tube video that I found, if you want to understand more about circuits)
Downloaded on 12/15/15 from:

Motor Basics

 LED Basics

Make a Jitterbot

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