Friday, March 29, 2013

Using Wind Power in First Grade

This week in enrichment students in first grade are continuing their exploration of force and motion with an experiment using the force of their own wind power! Our experimentation began by asking the question: How will the weight of an object impact how much force is needed to make it move? We designed an experiment in which students would use a straw to move a ball across the carpet. We discussed the importance of only changing one variable (the type of ball) and the students recorded their observations in their science journal.

Before the experiment students were asked to make a prediction about which ball would go the farthest. These were a great learning vehicle as some students were able to validate their prediction and other students were challenged to figure out why their prediction was incorrect. Next week we will have a scientists' meeting to discuss our results!

Exploring the Geography of the Earth

This week in enrichment third graders have kicked off their student-planned geography lessons. It was great to see how different groups approached the same lesson--adding their perspective and knowledge to teach their peers. This week the lesson focused on the Earth. Students were challenged to learn about how to portray the Earth via maps and satellite imagery. Students taught the lesson in a variety of ways, including building a model of the sun and the Earth, a quiz, and asking students to use Google Earth to find various locations.

I was impressed with how students took responsibility for the instruction and supported the learning of their peers.

The RES Post Office

Today I received my first piece of mail from the RES post office. Getting this mail made my day. The student spent time thinking about me and writing me a letter, and that was a great treat! I am very thankful for the fourth graders and teachers who sponsor this activity each year.

Google Earth

We found Mt Everest and our RES school. All of the images are from space on a satellite.

Puppet show

Some people being crazy and having fun!!

Working with fabrics

Here are some students working with very soft fabrics and cloth.

Building Legos

Friend building legos


I made a waffle and it has a strawberry and butter On the side it is bacon and eggs.


I made this hat and it is the most interesting hat I have ever made. I am going to wear it to recess!

Merrick's blog

I have no I dea why I posted this pitcher a teacher told me to post something it's just earth

Looking At South America

Friends doing Google Earth

Monday, March 25, 2013

AfterSchool Enrichment Program: Food and Art

This session of the after school enrichment program welcomes Martha Colyer and Kayne Hartley teaching an art class with a food theme.  Students have been challenged to find ways to create art work for our cafeteria and are learning a lot about the connections between art and food along the way.  Although they did not last long (students ate them!)  the first class allowed students to 'play with their food' as they created various works of food art.  These are just a few images of their work. In the next class students learned about famous artists and examined a work of art to learn techniques that they might use.  We all anxiously await their finished products and know they will greatly benefit our school environment!

We are so lucky to have dedicated educators working in our after school program to connect students with art and our school community.

AfterSchool Enrichment Program: Recycled Art

 Two fabulous RES parents have taught several awesome art sessions in the after school enrichment program. Heather Drury and Rebecca Garavan (shown below working with students in their current Recycled Art class) provide students with great ideas in a supportive and artistic environment.  Students are creating, recycling and having FUN!

RES is lucky to have volunteers who take time to plan such great activities! The enrichment program is successful because of their dedication to students.

Space men

When we do explore time we have a space setup.It is really cool.There are little spacemen and cool rockets.

The fat penguin

This is A friend playing with big fat mama.I think it is cool do you?

Fairy houses

2nd grade likes to build fairy houses!

Space setup

I. Can. Make. Cool. Setup. With. Space Stuff

Lego gears

This is a second grader playing with lego gears.

RES likes to draw

Kids at res draw alot.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our class blogging

Our class is blogging in school.We have a lot of fun. It's in enrichment class!

Friday, March 22, 2013