Sunday, November 30, 2014

Performing Arts Enrichment Through the Flynn

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
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Each year Richmond Elementary School participates in field trips to the Flynn theater.  As the Flynn coordinator, my role is to work with the Flynn theater and our classroom teachers to provide connected and meaningful opportunities for our students.  Each Spring I have the opportunity to learn about the Matinee series for the next school year.  Next I share this information with our school and classroom teachers decide on which performances they would like to attend with their classes.  When we pick shows we consider curricular connections as well as opportunities for new and diverse cultural and academic learning.  The Flynn does a great job of providing both quality and diversity in their selections and it is always fun to see what shows each grade level will attend. 

The performing arts is a great chance for students to learn in a different way. Physical movement, acting and/or puppeteering are all such important ways for our students to engage in meaningful learning, and to have a chance to experience this in a theater for a live performance with professionals is awesome!

This year students in all grades will be attending at least one show with their grade level, as well as an all school performance in the Spring.  In addition to these shows I am also working with the Flynn School Program to bring as many additional opportunities to our students as possible.  The Flynn provides workshops that bring teaching artists into the school right before or after a theater trip to further enhance student learning.  These workshops have additional costs which can sometimes be covered by grants.  (At one hundred dollars per classroom visit, we are always looking for families to sponsor these events--please contact me if you are interested).

Flynn field trips are a great trip to chaperone as well!  If you would like to plan ahead, below are a list of the Flynn field trips scheduled for this school year! (It is worth noting that chaperones would have to be available an hour before performance time).

Whole School Performance Grades K-4:
4/17/2015    9:30am   African Children's Choir

Grade K:
4/1/2015  9:30am  Harold and the Purple Crayon
Grade 1:
12/2/2014     10am       Charlotte's Web (at the Stowe theater)
2/16/2015     noon        Schoolhouse Rock Live!
Grade 2:
12/2/2014     10am       Charlotte's Web (at the Stowe theater)
Grade 3:
2/16/2015     noon        Schoolhouse Rock Live!
3/16/2015     9:30am    La Maleta  (sponsored by Senora Harris)
Grade 4:
1/13/2015     9:30am     Doktor Kaboom

Do you have questions about our Flynn trips? Do you want to help support additional opportunities for performance arts at RES? Feel free to contact me!

Details about the Flynn Matinee offerings can be found at:

Monday, November 24, 2014

Scholastic Book Fair Supports Learning in Enrichment

In the last year Mrs. Gilbar and Mrs. Woodruff have dedicated time and effort into bringing several of the Scholastic Book Fairs to RES.  This work is on top of their every day tasks, and is done with the intention of adding books to our classroom environments so that we have a literature rich landscape in which to teach and learn.  

After the last Scholastic book fair, I was given the opportunity to purchase some books for the enrichment classroom.  I was truly grateful for this chance to increase our classroom library, and I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide what books to select! 

I am excited to report that the first sets of books have been received and they are a great success.  Because of Mrs. Woodruff and Mrs. Gilbar's hard work, students are energized to read in enrichment!  One book is a Lego play book which provides students with building ideas.  By bringing text and reading into this creative building space this text is giving students an authentic purpose for their reading.  I also selected a set of group reading books.  In my first kindergarten class with these books, I simply introduced that the books were available and let students know they could create their own reading groups and enjoy reading together.  On Friday the first group of students visited the classroom library during their exploratory time and read together.  I witnessed decoding, group reading and real joy in reading!

I am so thankful for Mrs. Woodruff and Mrs. Gilbar's work, and also the RES school community for supporting our book fairs.

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Friday, November 21, 2014


I love fashion I draw  fashion pictures Every  day. Do you like fashion?


To make a endure Portol you need Obsidian I of ender then it makes it.  Have you made an ender portal?


We have been learning about pilgrims.  Today is the last day we arelearning about pilgrims. Since today is special we dressed up. We learned that pilgrims go to bathroom in a chamber pot because they did not have flushing toilets and electricity. Do you know any facts about pilgrims?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Learning with a Plant 'Menu'

First graders have spent the last few enrichment classes using a menu to continue their exploration of plants.  Student menus provide them with a list of 'have tos' and then a variety of options.  Students were also given time in order to add additional classroom choices to their menu. 

This type of learning allows students to have choices in their learning style (some students chose to play computer games about plants in order to test their knowledge of plant parts and the plant life cycle, while others created scientific drawings of a sunflower after viewing a real sunflower with a magnifying class).  A menu approach allows students to find entry points for their learning and it gives me a chance to work with small groups and individual students. I also find that the giving students the ability to move and change between tasks gives them a physical outlet for their energy that is controlled and supports their learning. Plant menu choices included: scientific observation and drawing of a sunflower, online games and stories about plants, creating a plant 'wonder', brainstorming what plants need (one group of students thought of 14 legitimate needs---how many could you come up with?), and reading plant books. In addition to these plant centers, students also had the opportunity to explore and work in a variety of centers around the room from watercolor painting to the kitchen to space manipulatives!

The menu approach to learning requires students to take control of their own learning.  Some students took the knowledge that they had three weeks to complete the menu and spent the first week without completing any of their 'have tos', while other students decided they wanted to get to work right away and save up their choices until the end, still other students spent some time each week making choices. As students are in first grade, helping them to understand how much work they have to do and how much time they have is part of my job as the teacher. It is sometimes challenging when I fear that they will not finish--but experience has taught me that this is rarely the case.  Students relish the chance to drive their own learning and when given the opportunity they show me their independence and enthusiasm for learning.

Next we will use some of our basic knowledge to work on a group project on plant life cycles.  Stay tuned to watch some of our essential understandings of plants come to life in student made videos!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Learning During Playful Exploration

Enter the enrichment classroom on any given day and you may be surprised by the  level of movement, activities going on in parallel and the energy and playfulness of our space.  I think that sometimes this playful exploration can be confused for a lack of planning, or learning opportunities.  This week during enrichment I took a few minutes to capture some of the ways that our students in grade K through 2 use their choice time to support their writing and reading.

You will find that students are engaging in a variety of writing and prewriting activities.  Our earliest writers are drawing pictures and telling stories.  You can find them in the puppet theater, at the easels, in the fairy house or creating islands of sand in their ocean scenes. You might find them collaborating to build structures as they develop a story that explains the details of their design.  Students negotiate and revise as they build and collaborate.  These prewriting activities lead to amazing stories and oral communication.  Our writers are producing stories ( one was even published and placed in the classroom library!), making lists and menus for our kitchen space, creating signs, and even' blogging 'on the chalk easel! In all of these cases, I am not requiring them to write, but instead they see a need and so are driven through authentic learning!

You will also find students tucked into a space in the classroom library, or sharing a book with friends.  Students are reading and writing by choice and this freedom is exciting and engaging.

It is empowering for students to be given space and choice in learning and I am lucky to be able to be a participant in their learning journey!


All classes love enrichment.It is sooo fun.We study everything from plants to light.Sometimes she lets us have choice.
I love Mrs Rankin.

RES Cougar Cats

Cats are the symbol of RES because there are paw prints on the walls. Cats make paw prints.


I really like underwater creatures. My favorite one is the underwater dinosaur. Do you have a favorite sea creature?

Rabbit Show

It is really fun to watch puppet shows.   I like to do puppet shows with the bunny.  Do you like puppet shows? Do you like bunnies?


This week many people will take time to reflect on what they are thankful for.  In school we  help students make projects of thanksgiving.  My thanksgiving reflection comes at the end of a busy few weeks and I find that my thoughts keep going back to our RES school community.  For the past two years I have been lucky to become a part of our Unified Arts team here at RES.  This team has motivated me to be a better educator and they have each taught me an enormous amount about education.

I am thankful for an amazing teacher librarian.  I am grateful to consider Mrs. Redford a teaching partner in our fourth grade classes, but I am also thankful for her talents as our school librarian.  She goes above and beyond to make sure students have books that support them as readers.  I have watched as Mrs. Redford sends books home with families in need.  I have also seen first hand the amount of time she spends curating our library so that every class and every student feels that their voice and their needs are heard.  This week Mrs. Redford spent additional time bringing an author to our school.  Giving students the opportunity to meet a writer is an amazing chance for students...but it takes time and effort that Mrs. Redford is always willing to put in!

I am thankful for a physical education educator who is the Vermont PE teacher of the year!  Not only does Mr. G provide amazing daily classes for students to learn athletic skills and teamwork, but he works tirelessly to ensure every child has a chance to ski or ride during their elementary years, provides extra classes throughout the day to give students additional movement breaks and is constantly striving to make connections with our students.

I am thankful for Mrs. Elliott who helps students to create beautiful and meaningful pieces of artwork.  I appreciate her efforts to support the Farm to School program with soup bowls for the Harvest Festival.  I appreciate her gentle and kind manner with students that provides a risk free environment for them to learn and critique their  art.

I am thankful for a music teacher who brings technology into the classroom to develop student's music skills and knowledge.  I appreciate the games and techniques that Mr. Arthur uses to help students learn creatively and the fact that he provides all fourth graders with an additional chorus time each week.

I am thankful for my 'roommate' SeƱora Harris and her dedication to helping all students learn Spanish. I also appreciate her geographic and cultural knowledge and how she adds these components to her curriculum so that students are learning language in a connected and meaningful way.

I am thankful to be a part of this awesome teaching team!

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and take time to thank those people that support your learning!
Mrs. Rankin

Friday, November 14, 2014

Ava's cooking

I love to cook. My favorite is when me and mom made my sister's birthday cake!One time mom put vineginr in the cooke's! I also like when me and mom make my birthday cake.MOm said's cooking is science. Do you like cooking?

A Giant drawing .

This is a giant drawing that i made thinking of  really big things .one of the big things i thout of was a book about a giraffe with a tall house what does it make you think of?

A dog blanket

I love dogs, so of course I will make a dog blanket. It is supposed to be a dogblanket . Do you like dogs? 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


All activities are fun .even if it me me means just chilen .some peppel like to cook.others prefer crafts. if your a sporty person you like sports. some times what activites you like now depends on what job you have when you grow up. I like to dance and to do art. Some people  like to volinter which means to work with out being payd. Some people are silly so they do silly stuff like type stuff like this htujhdjtjjhjjtjjfjtjjrjtjjjjtjgjykkkujjjjklkrhk.  the end

I like Animals

I like Animals because they are cute.  Do you like Animals?  Doyou have A favorite animals?  by makayla.  My favorite animal is a cat and dog and fish.  i have a pet.  I have a cat and a dog, 2 of each animals. I got rid of my ferrit.  the end.

All About Trees

Trees were alive a longtime ago.  Trees are nature.  nature lives outside it can live inside.because plants can Live inside and plants are nature.  Trees make us breath and trees make buildings for us.  Trees are still alive they start out as seeds and grow.

A Blog About Halloween

I was A   Zombie For Halloween. What. Were you for Halloween?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Andrew's stairs of awesome

How big of Lego stairs can you build?  I can build bigger ones and I bet you can too!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

American girls

American girl dolls are special because: they are worth About hundred  $. Our favorite  American girl
Is Isabel. Isabel is a dancer. She loves fashion . Julie is our second favorite American girl. She joined 
A boys basket ball team when girls were not allowed. Do you know what American Girl Dolls Are?  Do you like American Girl dolls?  Do you have American Girl Dolls?


I like space toys a lot. And it is really cool. And you can do anything your want with it.  I like the rockets a lot because they look awesome. And I like the rovers a lot.  And I like the astronaut suits.  I like the flames bursting out of the back of the rockets.  What is your favorite thing about space?

Really Good Lego Creations

Legos have holes on the bottom and they have bumps on the top. If you connect the bottom to the top of another one you can build.  You can build really good creations. You can build space, droids and more. Mostly anything!  Legos are a fun thing to build with. Do you like Legos?

Friends Rock!!

Friends play with you.  BFF means best friends forever.  I hope you have a friend and they are really nice.

Monday, November 3, 2014

How to Hunt Blog

  Rule. Number.  1. Owes. Be. Saf
Rule. Number. 2. Owes. Be. Quiet
Rule. Number. 3. Never. Put. Your. Eye right  On. The. Scope
Rule number 4: Never point your gun at someone
Rule number 5:  Follow the rules about what deer to shoot.  For example most of the time you cannot shoot female deer most but on father and son hunting weekend kids with hunting licenses could.

What do you know about hunting? 

Lego Cat

I love cats. it is a Lego cat

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mystery Festival

What better way to celebrate Halloween AND the end of a writing and reading unit on mystery than with a mystery festival??  On Friday I was thrilled to work with Ms. Senning's class to solve a mystery that involved true detective work by students, strong critical thinking skills, attention to detail, scientific observation, collaboration and problem solving!  After studying the genre of mysteries in their classroom for many weeks, students were excited to put their skills to work and solve the mystery of "Who Borrowed Mr. Bear"  (this activity was taken from an LHS GEMS book called Mystery Festival by Beals and Willard: 

First students were put on teams and challenged to observe a crime scene.  With no preliminary information, students had to assume that everything could be a clue to solve the mystery.  Some students drew intricate maps and took detailed notes, while other teams discussed each clue and pondered what it could mean. After twenty minutes at the crime scene, we went back to the classroom.  Here we heard some details of the story and created a clue board.  We also had a chance to use our science skills to examine data more closely.  Students did a great job working together and really thinking about what might have happened. After much deliberation, every student had a chance to choose the suspect they thought was responsible.  Next, the true story was revealed!

Mysteries are such a great way to encourage  critical thinking and problem solving skills.  I hope that they will remember this activity in the future when they are writing and reading more mysteries!

I am thankful to Ms. Senning for collaborating with me on this special project.  I am also grateful to Mrs. Ankerson, Mrs. Redford and Mr. Langevin who provided coverage of other classes so that I could work on this project.  I am lucky to be part of a school in which staff members value student experiences and are flexible in order to support these sorts of activities.

Looking for more mysteries to solve?
I enjoy the site: for quick student challenges!