Friday, January 22, 2016

SNAP Circuits and Little Bits

One goal of the third grade electricity curriculum is for students to have the opportunity to explore electricity and how it can power a variety of objects from motors to lights and more.  In the enrichment room we have been using SNAP Circuits and Little Bits to reinforce our understanding of electrical circuits.  These tools are a great way for students to develop their knowledge through exploratory learning-- it is collaborative and FUN!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Zapped! Studying Electricity in Grade 3

I am thrilled to be working with third grade teachers and students to collaborate on their electricity unit.  Most of my students know that before I was a teacher I was an electrical engineer and that it is a passion and interest that I enjoy sharing!  It is great to be able to connect our learning with the real world through my direct experiences in this field and I learn a lot about different ways to approach this material as I watch students investigate, question and explore.  

Last week in enrichment we spent time talking about the movement of electrons during static electricity.  Next students created many examples of static electricity using salt, balloons, combs, tissue paper and fleece.  This discussion and exploratory learning would have been great alone, but we also paired it with problem solving ways that an engineer in a circuit lab would avoid static electricity ( wires are so small these days that this is a relevant problem in the industry).  Their ideas were great and are similar to ones that are utilized in labs.

This week we are creating squishy circuits.  These circuits use playdoh as a resistive conductor.  Students made light shows, spinning helicopters and more.  I witnessed lots of great discussions about how to create complete circuits and the flow of electricity.  Students learned that electricity is lazy...! Ask a third grader what that means!

The Robot Rodeo Comes to RES

Richmond Elementary School students were excited to receive our Cubelet robot today as part of our participation in the Vermont Robot Rodeo!  This is part of a Vermont Vita-Learn IGNITE project in which fifty schools across Vermont will have the chance to host a variety of robots.  Each school will share their learning with each other as well as on social media. I am honored that RES was selected as a host school. We will be using the robot in a variety of ways, including in an after school coding class this month (check out the after school enrichment form to sign up).  

The first enrichment class of the day opened our new learning tool and then several classes throughout the day explored the possibilities for building and creating. We are excited to continue this exploration and several classroom teachers are thinking of ways to connect more learning this month.
Have you heard of Cubelets?  Do you have any questions for us? Do you have ideas of what we should build? We would love to share our learning so leave a comment and connect with us!

As the first host school, we also have the honor of naming the robot...any ideas?


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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


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Friday, January 8, 2016

Coming up with an idea

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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RES Science Fair--Save the Date!

The RES Enrichment Program is excited to announce the annual
Thursday March 10th, 2016  

We look forward to the excellent projects presented by students in grades K-4!  Please mark your calendars and start thinking about how you would like to participate.

Do you have a science fair project in mind?  Here are some ways to make a plan:
  •  Expand upon an interesting topic you have studied in class
  • Think about a topic that interests you, or a science question that you are curious about
  •   Talk to family and friends to brainstorm ideas for a project
  •  Stop by the enrichment room and borrow a fair idea book and talk with Mrs. Rankin
  •  Check out science project resources in the library
The RES Science Fair is a non-judged family event.  Students are encouraged to work together with family and friends to develop a project they are proud of presenting to our community.  Your entry does not have to be a science experiment. It may be as simple as a display of your leaf collection or as complex as an experiment on how the circulatory system works.  Look at the world around you. What are you curious about? What interests you?  Ask why something is the way it is. Do experiments, demonstrate a scientific principle, make observations of the world around you, design and make something or collect and analyze data.  Most importantly- be creative and HAVE FUN!

In a few weeks Science Fair entry forms will be sent home.  At that time you will be asked to share your planned science fair topic as well as any special display requirements you have. 

Contact: Darcie Rankin, Enrichment Teacher by email at