Friday, June 14, 2013

I Have an Idea for Next Week

As we wrap up our final kindergarten enrichment classes for the year, I am excited to report that all the K students have had a chance to share their interests and ideas with each other in centers.  We spent time this week exploring some of our favorite choices from the year.

It was interesting for me to hear all the students making plans for next week and new centers they would like to create!  I have had to repeat several times that we are taking a summer break....and it has often been met by disappointment!  As a teacher this is the biggest compliment...that students enjoy their learning so much they want it to continue ....and that in that moment of excitement they forget about summer (only for a moment!). This year has taught me a lot about how to support student interest in an exploratory manner, and I look forward to the next group of K students ( after summer of course!  )

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