Sunday, June 15, 2014

Enrichment Challenge SuperStars!

All students from RES were invited to take part in an enrichment challenge from January to June of this year. Challenges ranged from physical activities to designing magazines to participation in the RES Science Fair and LOTS more!!!  Today I was excited to visit with each challenger who submitted their scorecard and present them with a certificate and some fun awards!  A new award this year was some purple Cougar Cub Slime for each participant!

School is just one aspect of our learning, and I feel so lucky to get a peek into the amazing learning these students did this year outside of RES!

Congratulations to the Enrichment Challenge SuperStars!

Didn't get a chance to work on your Enrichment Challenge during the school year? Pull it out this is chocked full of ideas you can use all summer long! Looking for additional summer enrichment ideas?  Here are two programs that are a lot of fun and have an online presence!

Camp Wonderopolis:

Vermont State Parks Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge:

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