Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Technology and the Life Cycle of a Plant

In first grade enrichment we have been studying the life cycle of plants.  Students are familiar with the idea of cycles from their studies of the farm cycle and the butterfly life cycle, so it is a great opportunity for us to expand their methods of sharing this information by adding a creative technology component.  Students will be spending several enrichment classes creating stop motion claymation videos to describe the life cycle of a plant of their choice.  First students met as a group and made their plan. They selected a plant type and they created backdrops for their video.  Students spent time thinking about what should be included in a healthy plant background, including soil, sun, water, and more!

In our next class students used iPads and an iPad filming stand to take pictures.  Each picture shows a part of the plant life cycle, from seed to seed!  Students made the plants from colored clay.  Over the next week students will be adding words to their plant video.  Stay tuned for our finished films!

These pictures capture students working together and using technology! I love this project because students use clay, technology, teamwork and their knowledge to create!

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