Saturday, April 18, 2015

Kindergarten Exploration in March and April

Although my blogging has been slow in March and April, kindergarten enrichment has been full of great student led centers.  Each student self selects a topic and then we work together to generate a center that other students participate in during exploratory play.  Students are excited to share their passions and classmates learn so much from each other.  By supporting students as the key learner on a topic of their choice,  I see amazing respect and community building as we learn together.  Here is a taste of many of the centers that have take place over the last few weeks.  After break we will continue with more great student led centers in kindergarten! 





Giant Paper Snowman



Block Towers and Building Projects


Exercise and Eating Healthy


Cooking (lemonade and popcorn!)

Princesses and Crowns

Shadow Puppets

Creating Books

Animal Tracks and Dinosaur Fossils
Writing Letters to Grandparents and Special Friends
More Space!


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