Monday, June 15, 2015

Enrichment Challenge SuperStars!

At the beginning of the year all students at RES in grades K-4 were given an enrichment challenge booklet.  The booklet is full of challenges for students to try throughout the year.  Some challenges extend their classroom learning (use math to solve a problem at home) while others introduce new and creative projects (play a new instrument to you). This year our enrichment challenge superstars cooked their family a meal, learned to play chess, went to a community event, taught someone younger than themselves, ran a mile, and so much more!   Congratulations to all the enrichment challenge superstars. GREAT work!!!

Didn't have a chance to participate this year?  Feel free to use all those great project ideas over the summer! AND, I highly recommend the following two summer challenges:
Vermont State Parks (for all the beautiful Vermont summer days):
Wonderopolis Online Summer 'Camp' (for the *hopefully few* rainy days):

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