Monday, September 28, 2015

Our Place in This World

Students in third grade enrichment are currently working on a project to showcase their 'place in this world'. Students are studying geography in their classrooms as their first social studies unit of the year and we are connecting with this learning to create a project which has teams working in groups to understand our geographical place in this world while they build, make and work collaboratively.  Each student selected a place they wanted to work on and then jumped into a group to define how they would showcase that place.  Each week before we set to work we discuss that our place begins with ourselves and then extends to our town (Richmond), our state (Vermont), our country (U.S. of A.), our continent (North America) and our planet (Earth). 

Students will create something physical that we will then photograph and video to create a composite project of our concept of our place in the world. I have been impressed with student teamwork and creativity. It is also amazing to walk around the room and watch as students support each other in both their knowledge acquisition and by providing positive comments!  Students are making everything from banners to showcase our country, to a 3D map of the solar system, and more.

Stay tuned to checkout the finished product!

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