Monday, October 26, 2015

Our Place in this World is AWESOME!

"We all have a place in this world and this is ours!" cried third grade students in the final wrap up of their geography projects today.  For several weeks during enrichment class, students have been working in small groups to think about their geographical place in this world. From our town, to state, to country, to continent and planet....we have a place in this world! Students chose to depict their place in various ways. I was amazed at their creativity and ability to work together to design something that would reflect their understanding of place. Their work is shown in these videos and is also on display outside of the enrichment room.

Please enjoy these videos created using iMovie with the excellent pictures and recordings made by our third grade classes.

Mrs. Ankerson's Class

Ms. Darby's Class

Mrs. Ayer's Class

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