Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Welcome to the RES Makerspace

I am excited to announce that the start of this school year has also been the grand opening of the new RES Makerspace!  A Makerspace is a place that encourages hands on exploration through creating, making, playing and tinkering.

At the end of the 2015-16 school year, third and fourth grade students spent time designing a new learning space.  They used ideas from other schools, as well as a tour of the physical space to create their plans.  By the years end we had a thirty six page document that included ideas from one hundred students!  Over the summer I worked to break these ideas into major groups and respond to as many ideas as possible with the conversion of our old computer lab to a Makerspace.  I reached out to families in the community, and many people spent time over the summer contributing to create the space RES students envisioned.

As with any learning space, we know that the layout and function will adapt to the needs of students...but as we begin the year...we are excited by all the possibilities this new space holds.  Students have been visiting the space with their classroom teachers. Here is a peek into what they have found!

An epic Lego wall provides a platform for collaborative building!

The window area provides a space for reading, meeting with small groups, taking a break during the making process or even interviewing others!

A computer area holds the promise of a place to utilize technology for creation.  We foresee some great coding and technology applications happening here.
Storage shelving contains a myriad of donated materials that will support students in making and creating.
The word create reminds students of their purpose and hangs over the area where they can showcase their work. Each letter contributed by a different family in the community, emphasizing the community and collaborative spirit of the space.
A green screen is now available for video projects. (The SMARTboard is also still available)
Students have all the tools and set up to create stop motion videos.

A space has been set aside for future station creations, including a take apart station and a sewing station.
Standing and sitting tables for making.
Tables with dry erase board paint, for sketching and planning and drawing.

 We cannot wait to see what students will make!

If you want to know more about the Makerspace, or become involved in collecting materials, or help to make challenges for students. Please contact me at darcie.rankin@cesuvt.org.

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