Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hour of Code at RES-THIS WEEK!

Introducing Hour of Code! Watch this quick video to see some celebrities learning to code alongside students just like you!

Computer programming helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity in people of all ages. The week of December 5 -9th, 2016, all RES students in grades kindergarten through four will have a hands on introduction to computer programming with Hour of Code activities during their enrichment classes! Kindergarten, first and second graders will use  Scratch Jr. app for iPads, while third, and fourth graders will choose from a variety of tutorials on

STUDENTS:  Here are the links for Hour of Code at school this week:
Moana:Wayfinding with Code
Bits and Bricks:  Lego Coding
Minecraft Hour of Code
Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code
 Make a  Flappy Game

FAMILIES and TEACHERS: Here are links to continue the learning beyond this week at school!  ALL of the included links and recommendations are FREE!
Scratch Jr. iPad app
Scratch Jr. Android app 
More ways to learn from

Need more motivation to keep kids coding? Watch this short film encouraging coding!

Do you have questions about coding?  Do you want to figure out ways to help your kids use computers and tablets to create things versus consume content?  I would be happy to chat with you about this...just reach out to Darcie Rankin at 

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