Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Elle's fashion blog

There are many different types of fashion.  I am going to tell you a good story about fashion it's called wear it.

Do you know no one can be nonfashionable! It is what you think. Wear what you want to wear . No one will make fun of it!

Guest post by Elle


  1. i love that it's so meaningful and it's true no one and i mean no one can tell you what to wear.from hazel

  2. Elle, it is nice to know that everyone can be fashionable! What a great attitude to have!

  3. Hi Elle~
    It was fun to see you blog post online. I am proud of you for encouraging everyone to "wear what they want"! It's true, each person has their own sense of fashion, it is just one of the ways we can express ourselves.
    Kelsey (your Mom)


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