Monday, December 3, 2012

Interest Driven Projects in Kindergarten

This week in enrichment individual kindergarteners have started leading their own interest driven centers during their exploratory time. Students meet with me to select a topic they want to share and plan ideas for their center. Each class period a different student will offer a center for their peers. I have not put any limits on the topic selection, other than that materials must be obtained at school and that the student must be excited to share the center with others!

Today a student shared her passion and excitement for ballet and dance. Her center included: teaching students some ballet positions, sharing some books about ballet, coloring pages about ballet, and free dance to classical music!

The students were highly engaged, respectful of her work and the whole class wanted to visit her center! I look forward to all of the student driven learning and exploration which will take place in kindergarten enrichment this year. So far our calendar includes snakes, ninjas, flowers, birds, bookmaking, collages, and fairies-- and that is just this month!!

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