Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snakes, Snowflake Hats and Fairy Tools

Today my kindergarten son was speaking to a friend of the family about enrichment. His first comment was to let them know that I was the enrichment teacher and that I was his teacher. Next he told them that he didn't really learn anything in enrichment! I was taken by surprise, and then listened very closely to what he said next. He told her that all he did was read, ask questions, and make lots of choices about what he wanted to explore. Then he told her how his friends had created a station and taught him how to make a hat. He told her that his friend had picked the materials and planned what they would do.

In kindergarten, enrichment time is about play, it is about choice, it is about getting to know what your interests are, it is about trying new things, it is about exploration, it is about being with friends, it is about sharing with each other (ideas and objects!). We are learning every day--sometimes without realizing it!

This week in enrichment students have led centers on snakes, and created snowflake hats and fairy objects. Students are learning great things and they are learning how to share their passions with each other!

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