Friday, March 14, 2014

Creating Books, Airplanes, Wolves, and Really Tall Snowmen!

In kindergarten enrichment class students continue to lead interest driven centers. We have enjoyed a variety of great centers!  One student was interested in making his own books.  After making books on his own, he asked that he lead a center where students could make a book about a topic of their choice.  I am often asked if student interests really drive learning.  This was an excellent example of how one student's passion for writing led almost the entire class to spend their choice time writing and creating books!

Another student shared that he had recently flown in an airplane and was really interested in learning more about the different kinds.  We read a book as a class and then students built an airport and created a place to think about airplanes.  

In another class a student was determined to build really big snowmen.  I was able to find a great book in the library about using math as you build a snowman.....and so we read this and then students built and measured a snowman that ended up being ten feet and two inches tall!  

And the last center we had this week was all about wolves.  The student shared why he was interested in wolves ( he had read a book and wanted to know what they ate).  Next we watched a Pebble Go video to learn more.  Students in his center colored wolf coloring pages and made wolf puppets.  In addition students used how much fun they had creating books a previous week to make wolf books! 

I was also overjoyed to have a student bring in an awesome space book to connect with some play from last week. Students used the book to imagine and learn!

Kindergarten enrichment is full of exploration and is great!

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