Thursday, March 20, 2014

Movement! Drama! Choreography!

  All RES students in third grade had the amazing opportunity today to participate in a Flynn Workshop.  These forty minute workshops are developed by the Flynn as a way to give students hands on experience with the performing arts that they will then witness during their trip to the Flynn Theater. The Flynn does an excellent job finding artists that are excited to share their passions and skills with students.  Today a choreographer led students through physical movement activities and helped them understand how performing artists fill in negative space on stage.    The workshop itself is a great chance for students to connect with an artist in our community (check out the joy and engagement captured in the photographs!), but it is also important because of the learning connections that it provides.  Students will now experience their trip to the theater more connected to the actors and their tasks.  The show will have more meaning and be more powerful!

These workshops were made available to RES through a generous grant from the Champlain Valley Educator Development Center.  We are grateful to be the recipients of this funding!

Third graders will attend "At NightFall" on Tuesday!   The trips to the Flynn Theater are an excellent way to view the performing arts and engage different learning styles for our students.  We hope that this experience will awaken a passion in some students, and create an appreciation of the arts in all!

A special thanks goes to the third grade teachers, Mrs. Ankerson, Mrs. Ayer and Miss Darby for freeing up time to attend this great class to support performing arts at RES AND the Flynn artist and workshop coordinator for making this experience possible.  If you are interested in learning more about workshop opportunities for future performances (the cost to fund a workshop is one hundred dollars per class), please contact me.  Below are the future performances that students will attend this year at RES.

 Grade 1:
Performance:            "Seussical" the Musical
Performance Date:       Apr 16 2014  9:30AM

Grade 2:
Performance:            "Stuart Little"
Performance Date:       May  7 2014  9:30AM

Thanks to Mrs Redford for the images!

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