Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Exploration and Student Interest in Grade 2

Students in second grade enrichment have been spending time over the last few weeks exploring topics of their own choice. After meeting with me individually students had a chance to pursue their interests through a centers based approach to learning, or as a whole class when a large number of students expressed interest in the same topic.
Here are some of the topics that we have been pursuing:
Cooking foods from other cultures
Chemistry and Potions
Creating Robots
Country Exploration (China, Japan, Egypt and Germany)
Pets and How To Care for Pets
Animals (Horses, Sharks,  Dogs, Dolphins)
Clothing and Fashion (in our country and others)
Research Using Online Tools

I was inspired to give students this choice in learning by a persuasive letter I received from a second grader a few weeks ago.  He created a very persuasive argument for why we should do some sewing in enrichment.  After spending months on science curriculum work about light it was clear that students were ready to design some lessons and learning opportunities themselves!  I am thankful for Brady's persuasive letter and all of the great learning that we have been experiencing the last few weeks based on student interests!

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