Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Paper Blogging

Students in second grade enrichment are learning about the online communication medium of blogging!  Before we begin blogging online, we are creating paper blogs.  Paper blogs are a method for us to understand the key characteristics of a blog before we jump into the world of online communication.

My goal for this unit of learning is to have students understand that blogs are a way of sharing information, including: words, pictures and videos.  That all blogs have a title and a background that creates a recognizable space for their work.  Next we understand that blogs are made up of posts.  Posts are dated material with their own title and information.  Students create a paper blog as well as a first paper blog post.

Students are working hard as they think about what is important to them and what they might want to share on a blog.  I love seeing their creativity as they develop their own ideas!  Students are making paper blogs about everything from dinosaurs to American Girl Dolls.

This week we will learn about the skill of commenting (a way to get feedback on your blog,connect with others and start great learning conversations!)  We will have some special guests come in to comment on our blogs and will have a chance to comment on other student blogs in our class.

Students have been highly engaged in this process, but they are all asking "When can we blog online???!!!"  Stay tuned for that work later in the month!

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