Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Community Helpers

In first grade enrichment students are continuing to think about community.  We began our study of community focusing on our school, but now we are taking time to learn about a bigger community...our town.  We are all part of our town community because it is where we live!

 I asked students to think about all of the community helpers that are part of Richmond.  Their list was a big one and included:  police officers, firefighters, mailmen, farmers, chefs, construction workers, teachers, librarians, veternarians, doctors, dentists and more!  I was amazed and proud of how many strong connections students made to our town community.  Next students used some great school resources to investigate a community helper they were interested in learning more about.  Students used Pebble Go (online books provided by the RES library), Scholastic Community Helper online books, and many library books.  We created a bulletin board for the enrichment classroom that lists interesting facts about a community helper.  Did you know the police are here to keep us safe?  Did you know that vets have a hard job because the animals they help cannot tell them what is wrong? Did you know firefighting can be dangerous?  Students worked hard to share their learning.  

Over the next week students will research even more about a community helper of their choice, making a poster to share their learning.  Today we had a special guest when Police Officer Brett Lindemuth visited our class to answer questions about his job.

Do you know a community helper who would like to talk to our first graders?  They love making these connections.

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