Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Robot Rodeo Comes to RES

Richmond Elementary School students were excited to receive our Cubelet robot today as part of our participation in the Vermont Robot Rodeo!  This is part of a Vermont Vita-Learn IGNITE project in which fifty schools across Vermont will have the chance to host a variety of robots.  Each school will share their learning with each other as well as on social media. I am honored that RES was selected as a host school. We will be using the robot in a variety of ways, including in an after school coding class this month (check out the after school enrichment form to sign up).  

The first enrichment class of the day opened our new learning tool and then several classes throughout the day explored the possibilities for building and creating. We are excited to continue this exploration and several classroom teachers are thinking of ways to connect more learning this month.
Have you heard of Cubelets?  Do you have any questions for us? Do you have ideas of what we should build? We would love to share our learning so leave a comment and connect with us!

As the first host school, we also have the honor of naming the robot...any ideas?

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