Friday, January 8, 2016

Coming up with an idea

One reason it is hard to come up with an Idea is that other people are distracting. Another reason is that I think tomorrow I wish that I did something different. I would rather be playing but if I don't do a blog post I cannot get comments! Is it hard for you to come up with ideas?


  1. I can understand how it is hard to come up with an idea when you are worried your interest will not last....but I think it is OK sometimes to seize the day and not worry about what you will think tomorrow....after all you can always change or add on to your thinking! If you had to pick one topic right now that you love and are interested in...what would it be? Mine would be ROBOTS!

  2. It is hard to come up with a ida sometimes but if I think enough I usuly come up with things.How about you?


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