Monday, January 14, 2013

AfterSchool Enrichment Session 2

Each enrichment session begins with a flurry of activity as students get settled in to a new routine. It is always great to walk around the building the second week and see all the great learning. We have some new teachers supporting us this year, including a breaker!

With each Enrichment session I am reminded of all the people that put in extra time to support this opportunity for students. We have many staff who teach classes-- but there is also a whole group of people that work behind the scenes to make it a great experience for everyone. Mary Marcotte keeps track of attendance and gets all students to their buses at the end of the day. Susanne Parent works in the front office to answer questions and make sure everyone is helped and cared for. Julie Crenshaw continues her nursing duties even after the end of the school day to support our program. Diane Kane provides guest teaching when needed, and has even driven students home to make sure they can participate. The enrichment program is an excellent example of the community working together to provide opportunities for RES kids, and I am thankful to all those adults who make this happen!

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