Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gears and Dinosaurs

This week in kindergarten enrichment, students led centers including one on gears and one on dinosaurs.

I am sad to report that I was unable to take photographs of the gear center as students were using my iPad to manipulate gears on the program Geared2 by Playful Art. This center was designed by a student who had seen a set of toy gears sitting in a room and was curious about them. I was able to borrow the gear set from the Student Support Center and I received a donation of a gear game from a parent too! Students were engaged as they built gear contraptions and played with the idea of using one gear to move another. I also enjoyed seeing students support one another as they tried various strategies. I heard many words of encouragement and witnessed students working together to solve problems with no adult intervention required.

The other highly popular center this week was all about dinosaurs. I am always amazed by the students knowledge of dinosaur names and facts. Students created dinosaur fossil footprints in clay, constructed dinosaur bones, read books, colored pictures and played with a set of dinosaurs.

As always I am excited about what next week will hold for these creative students!

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