Thursday, January 10, 2013

Looking at Learning from the Student Perspective

After requesting that students fill the board with one important thing they learned in 2012 and a goal for 2013, I took these phrases and created a word cloud using Tagxedo.  Below, these images summarize important learning to RES students. All input has equal value, and words become bigger in the word cloud when they are repeated by multiple students.  Some of my favorite inputs as a teacher included the following reflections:

*I learned to read

*I learned that anything can happen
*I learned how to use harder math  

*I learned how to work as a team and have more fun that you will expect

*I learned how animals live in different ecosystems
*Finishing Fastmath. Knowing all my math facts.

*There is a difference between rotation and revolution
*Asking myself questions
*I learned to use my imagination

Just to name a few!

I hope that students will be able to meet their learning goals in 2013--after seeing what they accomplished last year--they are on track!



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