Monday, December 9, 2013

Choice and Space Drives Learning

In the enrichment room I try to provide opportunities for choice in learning,  I have a curriculum and goals that we are working towards, but I strongly value space to let students drive their own learning through exploration and choice.   Since these opportunities are often undervalued in a test driven society....I like to take time whenever possible to share the great things that students decide to do when given  space!  The below pictures capture some of these moments.  Students  decided to measure the classroom.  Learning about measurement in math they wanted to use these skills on a task.  This was self initiated, the only role I played was to help them find tools to take the measurements.  Other students decided to create a display on Asian culture.  They collected materials and set them out for peers to check out.  Another student examined foreign coins....getting a magnifying glass, he examined things in detail and made some sketches.

Choice and space are a valuable addition to learning and their value is demonstrated in these few examples of self driven student learning.

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