Monday, April 28, 2014

Kindergarten Interests are Exploding in Enrichment!

In kindergarten enrichment students are continuing to share their interests. It is so amazing to watch students think, create, collaborate and share on a wide variety of topics!  Students are producing so many ideas that I am having trouble keeping up on my blog! This post is chocked full of activities over the last two weeks!  Here is a summary of the activities students have been sharing!

*  learning about the butterfly life cycle, making tissue paper butterflies and flying them in the gym
*  all about cats, and making 3D models
*  building robots with Legos 
*  dinosaurs from pteranodon wing span to fossil footprints
*  all about dogs, including making a clay model 
*  sink or float?  Building boats!
*  ocean watercolors
*  the Avengers, from cartoons to read to making online cartoons and paper and pencil cartoons

And this week holds more fun!

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