Monday, April 28, 2014

Light Interactions

In second grade enrichment we are continuing our study of light.  We are thinking about how light interacts with other objects.  We began to answer this question with a very structured experiment in which we shone a light through various materials and then used a table to record our observations.  After this structured experimentation, we spent a class exploring light materials in a centers based environment.  I was impressed with how students used their exploratory time to really think about light! During our wrap up discussion students shared several big ideas they observed about light and it was great to see how this choice time helped them to think about the essential questions of our study.  

Students explored light using overhead projectors ( which I had set up to make shadow shapes, but also became a testing spot for various materials!), creating kaleidoscopes with colored patterns and mirrors ( which became a place where students were trying to bounce light from one mirror to the next to hit a target in the back of the classroom!), reading books about light, using an iPad app called Games of Light, designing their own experiments with tissue paper and flashlights, and checking out different materials on a light table that I built.

I love how accessible science is to all students and how by using a variety of mediums and choices students can really direct their learning.  This week we will do a structured experiment with different materials.  I am excited to see how they will apply and make connections to their exploratory learning.  

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