Sunday, January 18, 2015

Narwhals, Dolphins and Space..Oh My!

Kindergarten students continue to share their interests during enrichment class exploratory time. This week we had students present centers on Narwhals, Dolphins and Space.  Each center was designed by students and led to great learning and discussions.  At the beginning of each enrichment class I invite a student to stand up and share their interests with the class.  The student  takes questions and then opens up a center that other students can visit during exploratory play.  During our Narwhal discussion we watched a video and we learned that these mysterious animals of the sea have tusks that can grow to ten feet long!  At the student center there were opportunities to play on a giant map with sea creatures, read books and color Narwhal pictures.  Each center is different, as the student has decided what will happen when classmates visit.  At our dolphin center students could create dolphin art, make dolphin clay cut outs, read books, or watch dolphin movies.

We were also lucky this week that one of our kindergarten interests connected to a fourth grade unit of study on space.  We invited a fourth grader to share some 'wow' space facts before we created our own space play area.

I am always impressed during this sharing time how respectful students are of their student center leaders AND how much students know about the topics they select!

And this is only the first full week of student led centers---we have so many more great topics to come!

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