Sunday, January 18, 2015

RES Awarded the VASE Grant--Expanding Exploratory Science at RES

In November of 2014 Ms Tonya Darby, third grade teacher and Mrs. Darcie Rankin, enrichment teacher, and Richmond Elementary School (RES) students were awarded a Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering (VASE) small equipment grant.  The purpose of this grant was to increase student interest in science and engineering by providing opportunities for direct hands- on experiences (information about the grant can be found here: ). Ms Darby and Mrs. Rankin collaborated to develop a set of inquiry activities that would extend and enrich the current third grade electricity unit at RES, as well as provide materials for engineering projects in other grades.

In January we kicked off our third grade study of electricity.  In each third grade classroom and the enrichment classroom, there will be an electricity inquiry space in which students will have many opportunities to explore electricity, make observations, and design student led inquiry investigations, using the new materials we received with the VASE grant. We are very grateful for the opportunity that this grant has given us to expand exploratory learning at RES.  

Check back on this blog as our classrooms buzz with the excitement of these new materials and the great learning that will follow their use!

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