Saturday, October 6, 2012

Building the Alphabet in Kindergarten

During Kindergarten Enrichment time, we have been working on getting to know the enrichment room space and the various centers that will be exploration options for students throughout the school year.  In order to introduce the centers, we have spent the first three weeks of school using the centers as a space to create letters!  Students have built letters with popsicle sticks, legos, pipe cleaners, clay, stencils, markers, and even their own bodies.  We have taken pictures of our letter creations and these will be made into a classroom alphabet for our wall.

If you were in the room during this exploration some of the things you might have heard included:
"Look I am an 'A' "
"Mrs. Rankin, can I take a picture of my letter?"
"This letter is in my name"
"How did you build that?"
"How can I make a curve with popsicle sticks?"
"I can spell words"
"Our classroom alphabet is going to be great!"

As we move into the second month of school, we will begin using the centers for student interest driven explorations.  Based on the creativity witnessed during letter exploration--I think we are in for an exciting year of learning!

Here are some pictures of our letter building!

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