Saturday, October 6, 2012

Enrichment at RES: A Tiered Approach to Meeting the Needs of All Students

Tier 1: School Wide 21st Century Learning and Enrichment (100% of students) 

 All RES students will be exposed to experential learning opportunities incorporating 21st century learning skills. Through a weekly class with the enrichment teacher, each grade will:

Kindergarten :  Students will play and explore to learn about themselves and their interests.

First Grade:  Students will become stewards of our school community. 

Second Grade: Students will develop a relationship with our local community. 

Third Grade:  Students will become active members of our global community. 

Fourth Grade:  Students will become responsible digital citizens. Students will complete an independent, research, interest-based capstone project.


Tier 2: Sustainable Differentiation Models in Classrooms          (5 - 10 % of students)

Grade level teachers will have access to the support and knowledge and resources presented by the enrichment teacher to develop sustainable models of extension in the classroom. By working in partnership over an extended period of time coordinated differentiation models will be established to provide meaningful enrichment opportunities in class, during core content instruction. This model enhances student experience in a sustainable manner.

Tier 3: Individualized Programming                                            (1 - 5 % of students) 

The Enrichment teacher will provide support to students requiring further extension beyond Tiers 1 and 2. Students accessing Tier 3 services require a referral from a classroom teacher.  Student performance will be assessed using academic indicators, a student motivational checklist, observation, and a parent questionnaire. Tier 3 supports will be structured according to specific student need. 

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