Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creating Magical Tent Cities in Kindergarten

In kindergarten enrichment classes this week, we have been busy using our imaginations and our creativity to build magical tent cities! We began our time together creating a group story, where each member of class contributed an idea. The seed of our story was a magical city, found by a young boy and a girl, and from there the students went wild thinking of what they found in the city! Next we worked in small groups to create signs for our city.  Some of the signs included:
Unicorns Only
Fairy House
My House
Slime Monster
Chinese Restaurant!!
We had great picture signs, but I was also excited to see students writing--working together to spell words, and form letters!
Next the building began! Below are a few great pictures of the creating.  Students helped each other to build, and create. The towns had roads and signs and a magical story and the kids were engaged and playful for the rest of class. Thanks so much to the families that loaned me tents so that we could make this magical experience a reality!

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