Thursday, October 25, 2012

Third Grade Amazing Racers

In third grade, enrichment is focused on developing a global understanding through collaboration and inquiry.  Three weeks ago we began an Amazing Race Around the World.  In teams, students work their  way through a series of challenges that test their skills in geography and cultural understanding, as well as their ability to work together.  In just three sessions I have watched students become proficient at looking at a map, at identifying continents and countries AND I have seen some amazing teamwork!I have also heard some great discussions about the continent of Africa and questions that will be great for further exploration.
One of the best things about this learning set up is that the learning is not teacher directed. As the teacher, I have to do a lot to set up the environment and materials so that they can be successful...but the students are leading the charge in deciding how they will learn and they are doing it together--I can truly be the host of their "AMAZING LEARNING!"

This week we are leaving Africa and traveling around the world....students are wondering what continent will be next?!?

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