Monday, November 12, 2012

Collaborative Writing in the Enrichment Room

Today during enrichment I witnessed two awesome examples of writing collaboration!
In a second grade class I observed as three students turned an exploratory center where they were creating thumbprint turkeys into an opportunity to write a book about pilgrims and turkeys. The whole approach to their work was collaboration at its best! The students discussed the idea of the book and then planned who would write and who would illustrate. As the students left my room I heard them ask their classroom teacher if they could please continue writing the book at recess!
In kindergarten I observed two students at the chalkboards writing letters. They proudly called me over to let me know that they were trying to write words, and that they were teaching and learning from each other ( their words). As time went on I observed these students using phonetic strategies to attempt new words, as well as teaching each other words they already knew how to write.
It has been great to have a chance to see students applying ideas from their classroom. This transference shows the strength of their classroom instruction and the joy they have for their learning! I also enjoy seeing them work together to create --as this is at the heart of my goals for them during their enrichment experience.

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