Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fostering a Sense of Community in Grade 2

Second graders have spent the last few weeks during enrichment classes brainstorming ways that they can make their community a better place. After spending time last year studying their community, it has been easy for students to develop projects and plans that support a wide array of ideas.

One area that all classes identified as important was helping the elderly in our community. As a result we have reached out to some local organizations and many students spent time creating cards and letters that will be sent to cheer up their fellow neighbors.

Each class also identified helping those younger than them. Although this idea was common, the ways in which each class have decided to address this relationship is is different. In Mrs. Rigg's class students are working on plays and puppet shows that teach a lesson. They will be making movies to share with kindergarten and first grade friends around the theme 'Don't Give Up'. In Miss Darling's class students have decided to make reading buddies for a younger class. Their idea is to create a stuffed 'monster' that will be available to read to a friend. Students are designing and sewing their creatures in hopes that this will encourage their younger peers to read. In Mrs. Robinson's students are creating a large Richmond mural. Along with their canvas map they are also planning to build many of the important structures around town. This town project will then be made available to younger students to use to both explore and learn.

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