Monday, November 5, 2012

Flynn Trips at RES

Each year I work with classroom teachers to plan a trip to the Flynn Theater in Burlington for every student.  Sometimes these trips may tie into curriculum work they are doing in class, but often they are selected because of a belief that they will be of high interest to students.  By the time that RES students graduate to middle school they have attended at least five theater plays about a variety of topics. I feel privileged to support the arts through my efforts as the Flynn coordinator for our school.  I also love the fact that these plays are well attended by parent chaperones.  It is a great opportunity for families to participate in a shared experience and connect with some amazing art.

This year the Flynn Trip schedule is as follows:

Grade K--Complete!
Grade 4 (Erickson/Darby)-- "Mayhem Poets" November 12th
Grade 4 (Erickson/Darby/Ayer) -- "Flamenco Vivo"  January 25th
Grade 1 and 2-- "SkippyJon Jones"  January 30th
Grade 3 and 4 (Senning/Ayer) -- " True Story of the Three Pigs"  April 29th
Grade 3 (Ankerson/Berliner) -- "MOMIX Botanica"  May 3rd

To find out more about the matinee series (they have weekend shows as well) check out the Flynn website:

Often Flynn shows are accompanied by Companion Workshops.  Although our teachers have expressed interest in these workshops, they are not supported within our current budget.  If you would be interested in sponsoring a workshop for a particular grade, please let me know. These workshops are a great way for students to take their learning and experience beyond the play itself.

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