Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Digital Tool Tuesday! Take 1!

In an effort to share some of the great digital tools that we are using in enrichment, I thought I would try to create a post each Tuesday which highlights a tool or tools that I have utilized in my classroom, as well as share why or how it is informing our learning!

For this first post, I have selected what has proven to be a student favorite.

One of the tools that students have continued to mention--even though I used it the very first week of school-- is AutoRap. This is a free Ipad application that records your speaking voice and converts it into a musical rap. We used this as an introductory tool the first week of school. We made raps about our favorite activities, our favorite books, and our learning styles. It was an engaging way to get to know each other that had us all dancing in our seats as we listened intently to what each member of class was going to add to our classroom rap. This tool was a great reminder to me of the way that music can engage all learners and it allowed me to get to know students without just asking them to share a favorite thing, or fill out a survey!

Here are a few of the raps we created!

I have a feeling that when students work on independent projects they may figure out a way to use this tool to teach about their subject!

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