Saturday, February 9, 2013

Amazing Racers Cross the Finish Line

This week in enrichment the third grade classes are completing their race around the world. Challenged to work as a team and to persevere through difficult tasks students have accomplished their mission! After the last challenge was complete, students were asked to create a poster, as their last team task with this group, that showed their learning during the race. It was great to watch them reflect on their learning as they highlighted tasks that they enjoyed, or that they were proud to have figured it. I watched one group discuss how a student had solved an anagram for the word London in the fastest time on record (!). I loved that the team decided to list this accomplishment at the center of their poster. Other groups focused on art or cultural pieces that they had created, from origami to African body painting. Posters also included the names of continents and places that they have visited during their learning.

After posters were made, we met as a class. I recognized each team for their hard work and then passed out certificates to each student. I had planned to say something about the various groups, but after I saw the reflection and praise that were built in to their poster making,we instead had a high-fiving session and took team pictures!

Next in third grade we will spend some time focusing on geography and mapping skills. We will be using a National Geographic program to guide this work. I look forward to watching students apply various skills and to trying out some new technology components to support their exploration.

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