Saturday, February 9, 2013

RES Family Science Fair
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The RES Family Science Fair is an annual event that allows students and families to share their interests and their love of science! The fair is a non-judged, family event in which families are encouraged to work with students to create a project to share with the RES community. Science fair projects have included things as basic as a student's rock collection, and as complex as a model of how the human heart works.

A science fair enrollment form will be sent home soon. It is requested that all students planning to attend fill out the form, so that they can be included in the science fair program.The science fair will be held on Thursday March 14th!

We have discussed the science fair during enrichment classes, and students know that they can come to me with questions or for resources----I am here to help.  They were also excited to find out that IF we have over 75 science fair entries, I will take a cream pie to the face in the name of science! So, start experimenting and exploring and SIGN UP for the RES science fair!!!!

The internet is full of science fair project ideas, and the best ideas are generated from students own interests....but if you need some help getting started, here is a great site:

Did you know?  Although students can check out two books a week from the library, families may check out more!  I encourage you to take advantage of this when seeking resources for the science fair--our school library has some great idea books, as well as nonfiction science resources that are very helpful!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out for the library Mrs. Rankin! We have LOTS of science experiment books! - Mrs. Redford


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