Sunday, February 10, 2013

RES Spirit Sculptures

Last week in enrichment students in first and second grade were challenged to work together in small groups to create sculptures. Students were given a set of materials and asked to create something that shared school spirit. Sculptures included models of a cougar cub, a three dimensional 'RES', a person with an RES sign and much more. Students understood that these sculptures would not be permanent, but were a way for us to practice working together to create. The sculptures have been on display in the enrichment room this week....leading other classes to ask when they will get to build and create with tin foil and materials!

During this activity I saw students sharing ideas and using materials in a variety of creative ways. I think next time we do something like this I will pan to create a video of finished work so that we have a way to save their creations and share them beyond the classroom.

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