Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cooking with Kindergarten

This week in the enrichment classroomthe Farm to School Program, local chefs (and RES Community members) and parentvolunteers teamed up to cook with students. During our kindergarten enrichment block students used the brand newcooking cart to make Cranberry Coleslaw. We hope your child enjoyed this cooking opportunity!  Be sure to ask them all about how we measuredand worked together to create the recipe! 

Special Thanks goes to Amy Gifford, KarylKent, Katie Webster, Doug Paine and Karen Cotrone for making this possible!
       Here is the recipe we used!
Cranberry Coleslaw
·        ½cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt
·        1/3cup mayonnaise
·        1Tablespoon sugar
·        1Tablespoon red wine vinegar
·        1teaspoon celery seed
·        ¾teaspoon salt
·        ½teaspoon dry mustard
·        10cups green and red cabbage, shredded
·        1cup carrots, shredded
·        3large apples, sliced into small strips or chunks
·        ½cup sunflower seeds, shelled
·        1cup dried cranberries

1.      Shred cabbage in a food processor.
2.      Peel and grate carrots.
3.      Peel and slice apples.
4.      Measure sunflower seeds and dried cranberriesinto a bowl.
5.       Measureyogurt, mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar, celery seed, salt and mustard into acanning jar. Cover tightly and shake to mix.
6.      Put cabbage carrots, cranberries, and sunflowerseeds in a large mixing bowl. Add dressing. Stir to coat.

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