Monday, October 27, 2014

Creating Great Blog Comments

In second grade we have spent several weeks learning about the blogging format.  This month we had a chance to share the paper blogs that we created with our classmates as well as some classroom visitors.  Ms. Botzojorns, CESU Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Berry, RES Principal and Mrs. Redford, Teacher Librarian all spent time with us reading and commenting on our first paper blog posts!

Before we commented, we watched a great video about ways to make blog comments. This video was put together by Ms. Yollis' class in California.  Here is the video:

(This video was produced by students with the help of their teacher. To find out about the process which they made this video, you can check out their blog at: )

In the video, RES students were encouraged by experienced kid bloggers to think about these important steps when blog commenting:
1. Compliment the writer in a specific way
2.  Add new information
3.  Make a connection
4.  End with a question
5.  Proofread your comment

We found that by following these excellent guidelines we had some great commenting exchanges!  We hope that the RES community will use these guidelines to comment on our online blog posts in the future. In the month of November each student in second grade will have an opportunity to share at least one blog post on the Enrichment at RES blog! We cannot wait to read YOUR comments!

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