Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Enrichment Room is OPEN for PLAY

Kindergarteners excitedly enter the enrichment room pointing out all of the centers that will be open for exploratory play this week.  After five weeks of introducing new centers each week....we are excited that everything is OPEN FOR PLAY!  Our process of the guided discovery of spaces in the enrichment room allows students to feel very comfortable as they explore and discover together.  I find that although this slow introduction is hard in some ways(why isn't the kitchen open yet???!!!), it is very beneficial to our learning for the rest of the year.  Students understand the expectations at each center and can play and learn with few adult reminders.  As the teacher this allows me to really focus on working with students to learn about them and their interests.  Play is such an important part of our learning and I welcome this chance to play as much as students! 

We are performing puppet shows, painting, creating art on the chalkboards, writing, drawing, building with Legos and No Ends, exploring the fairy house, cooking imaginary meals in the kitchen, playing house, creating a restaurant and a shop, exploring the classroom library, and creating stories in the Fairy House and Water Mill! We are learning together as we think, create, collaborate and share in this playful environment! Each week centers will be added or changed, and we will explore in directions based on student interests.

Enjoy some playful moments captured over the last few weeks! (Some first and third graders had to join in!)

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