Friday, October 31, 2014

Friends with noends

This is me and my friends. We built this awesome house out of no ends. Do you have no ends at your house?  No ends are a really fun thing. you should get them if you can.  We use no ends In the enrichment room to make houses, spaceships and spiders.


  1. I like the structure you built in this picture. What is it? Can you tell me more about it?

    1. it is a haws it trck 15 mines to bild. that is long

  2. Great house! I like how proud you all are of your work and that you worked together to build a big structure. If we used all the no ends in the classroom, do you think we could build a roof too?

  3. I love noends too

  4. That looks like you're building a cage! That's just what a bunch of 2nd graders need! I'm just kidding, it looks like fun. Have you ever tried building a car with no-ends?


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