Monday, October 27, 2014

Monster Lake

A few days ago I was playing Minecraft. Minecraft is a world made of squars.I jumped under water and spawned zombie pigman and zombies and stuff.  Isn't Minecraft cool?


  1. Minecraft is an amazing building tool. I don't really understand why you spawn different creatures. Is it just fun to have them around. Can you use them in any way?
    I also wonder how you decide where to work in your Minecraft World. Sometimes I spend too much time exploring the world instead of building things. Does that ever happen to you?

  2. Did you have to dig to build this lake, or was it already there?

    1. it was already there.but you can dig a lake if you want to. I've also built a waterslide before. It would be fun if you could build real things like minecraft!


  3. What is a Zombie Pigman? Why do you wan to spawn things underwater? Aren't Zombies your enemies? Why can you spawn them at all?

    What is the coolest and biggest thing you've made in Minecraft?


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