Friday, November 8, 2013

Garden Winterizing and Collaboration

I was excited at the beginning of the year to find out that the school garden committee was working with students at the University of Vermont, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources to implement a community based project.  Through their course, these UVM students self selected RES as the recipients of their time and talent to support our garden as well as our first grade plant scientists!  

This week one first grade class had an opportunity to visit the garden and see progress on the winterization of several beds in our garden.  We discussed what plants need to grow.  We also had an opportunity to plant several varieties of spinach which we will watch grow over the next few weeks.  First graders worked in teams of four with UVM students to plant the beds.  This trip to the garden helped to solidify our understanding of what plants need and it was a great example of how the UVM students' work will extend outdoor learning at our school.  We found several worms which were busily helping our garden to grow and the snow swirled around us as we planted our crop.  My favorite moment of the class was when the entire class helped to roll out the new winterization 'tent' on a bed. There was an automatic teamwork as everyone rolled out the newest addition to the community garden.

We look forward to more learning with our community partners in the next few weeks. A special thanks goes to Joanna May, who helped coordinate this great experience!

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