Sunday, November 3, 2013

Reading Buddy Creation

Second graders in enrichment class have started their next project!  Students are working on making reading buddies to gift to a special kindergarten friend.  Students spent a week making a paper pattern and plan for their design, and then this week began to cut their patterns from felt.  Eventually these gifts will be accompanied by a personalized book...based on the kindergarten friend's interests.  This project is one way we will work to make connections within our community.

This project was designed by the 2012-2013 second grade class..and the enthusiasm from everyone has been awesome.  We have weeks of work ahead as we create our reading buddy dolls as well as our books.....but already students are talking with excitement about how and when we will present these special gifts.

If you are interested in visiting the enrichment classroom to help with doll creating or book writing, please contact me.

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