Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tori Answers Our Questions

Third graders in Mrs. Ankerson's class created some questions to ask our traveling friend.  Here are the answers from Tori!

Q:  We are having a lot of fun with your challenges!
 A:  I'm so glad you guys are enjoying the challenges!  I am having a great time making them!

Do they celebrate Halloween there?
 They do celebrate Halloween here! It is not a big holiday like it is in America but they do celebrate it!
Do you have plans to go to Spain or Hungary?
I do not have plans to go to Hungary or Spain, I would love to travel there someday but i do nothave enough time!
Do you have plans to visit Richmond E.S.?  (we would love to meet you some day!)
I am hoping to come and meet you all as soon as I get home! When would be a good time for you all?

 What language do they speak where you are?
Some people speak  Welsh here but not that many anymore. I am taking a Welsh class right now where I am learning  a little bit of Welsh! Schwmae (shuh-my)  means Hello!

Is it warm there?
 The leaves are just changing here so it is getting very  cold here!

What is your favorite place you have been?
 My favorite place so far was the London Eye. The views from the ferris wheel were beautiful!

What type of food are you eating?
I have my own kitchen so I have been cooking my own food. I have not been eating a lot of different foods here but I do love the tea biscuits they have!

Do people dress differently?
People dress pretty much the same except you see a lot more school aged children in uniform.

Is the land pretty?  Is it mostly country or city?
The land is very pretty here! I live mostly in the city but have seen some country sides and both are very pretty!
Which country is your favorite?
I love all of the countries that I have been to but Wales is my favorite so far!

Do people have accents? Are you getting an accent?

 Yes, people do have accents here. They have British and Welsh accents
here but I am not getting an accent yet! I hope I have answered all of
your questions and will answer any more that you have! Talk to you

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